Franck Droin, CEO

Franck Droin44 years old, Ecole Centrale de Lille

CEO and co-founder of KADRIS
Président de Capéval

Language : French, English, Russian

Main Area of Expertise

Implementation Strategy of social protection systems
Organizational Strategy  of Health Systems
Organization and Management of national health insurance (public and voluntary medical insurance)
International Projects

Examples of recently conducted missions

    • For a mutual
      Development Strategy provides a dependency
      For the Minister of Labor of a country in West Africa
      Support the creation of a compulsory health insurance
    • For a Health Regional Agency (ARS)
      Assistance to the strategic management of health networks
    • For a business association
      Assistance in building the strategic plan
    • For the Department of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

    Studies on the international context of health at work

    • For a group of social protection
      Assistance in setting up a third-party payment solution Group
    • For a pharmaceutical company
      Strategic study of  the relationship with customers

Professional Career 

  • 2001 : création of KADRIS
  • 2000 : Almerys
  • 1993 : KPMG Peat Marwick
  • 1990 : Sema Group


Email :

Mob – France : +33 (0)6 07 06 13 62
Mob – Russie
: + 8 985 235 43 77

Laurent Grouas

Laurent Grouas39 years old, European Business & Management School

Vice-chairman and co-founder of KADRIS

Languages : French, English, Spanish

Main Area of Expertise

Strategy - Health Economics

Management systems of national health insurance and voluntary medical insurance

Insurance - Pensions - Retirement – Disability 

Examples of recently conducted missions:

    • For a broker now present at the international level
      Assistance in the reorganization of the back office
    • For a European project
      Study on the prediction of large-scale risks
    • For an association  for the elderly
      Strategic positioning study, intermediation with financers insurance
    • For the Moroccan national health insurance
      Assistance in the establishment of the national health insurance, the organization of the managing fund and its eight delegated mutuals  for additional management
    • For a union of mutuals
      Strategic study on the treatment of addiction, Acting Branch Management
    • For a Swiss Verein (insurance from the First Euro)
      Legal Survey - representation of FOPI (insurance supervisory body)
      Organization of the association and foreign sections
    • For a professional mutual insurance Strategic Study, Interim Management of Organizational Management and Consolidation
    • For an international company specialized in outsourcing payroll and HR function
      Study of opportunities for the development of a range of services to businesses on the field of social protection - Linking with actors collective supplementary insurance
    • For a professional mutual insurance
      Assistance in the reorganization of the Mutual insurance (headquarters and sections) and the development of new products
      Accompanying the outsourcing of information systems and change management
    • For one of the first complementary Insurers
      Assistance to stabilize the IT plan of 2005 relating to regulatory and policy developments
    • For a national retirement plan
      Organization of  project management
      Strategy for improving the reliability of data during data migration

Professional Career

    • 2001 : created  KADRIS
    • 2000 : Almerys
    • 1999 : CSC Peat Marwick
    • 1998 : GIE Sintia
    • 1994 : Comptoirs modernes major unidis (Carrefour group)


Email :
Mob – France : +33 (0)6 82 29 37 00

Emmanuel de Beauchesne

Emmanuel de Beauchesne

44 years old, associate

Master of Administration in economics and social sciences

Languages: French, English

Main Area of Expertise: 

  • Health networks, health care organization
    Compulsory social protection and supplementary Handicap
    Dematerialization of trade in health and social
    Paperless patient records, telemedicine
    Third party payer and voluntary medical insurance

Examples of recently conducted missions:

    • For a mutual insurance group
      Feasibility study on the convergence of information systems of different mutual insurance group
    • For an association getting involved in hospital
      Of the association
    • For a Group of Social Protection
      Feasibility study for the implementation of a shared third-party payment solution
      Federalists of hospital
      Strategic diagnosis of the functioning of two regional offices, development of strategic plans to 5 years in connection with national guidelines
    • For a union of health centers
      Diagnostic Quality
      Patient satisfaction survey of dental centers mutual
    • For an agency within the disability sector
      Finding solutions to make institutions operating in zero quota of their obligation to employ people with disabilities consistent with their new regulatory obligations: diagnosis, solution, followed by implementation.
    • For the industry in the field of smart card readers
      Assistance in developing a strategy of synergy between the partners of Cheque Dejeuner and health insurance
    • For a mutual insurance
      Strategic seminar on the evolution of different components of third-party payment

Professional Career

  • 2002 : KADRIS
  • 2000 : Cap Gémini – Ernst & Young
  • 1994 : Caisse Centrale de la Mutualité Sociale Agricole


Email :
Mob – France : +33 (0)6 76 48 51 20