Social and Medical Social

KADRIS  Expertise

  • Evaluation
  • Observatory
  • Health care network
  • Dependency coverage
  • Handicap
  • Financing scheme
  • Support for strategy
  • Apport des nouvelles technologies

KADRIS serving performance while respecting your core values

Associations and organizations dedicated to social sectors and socio-medical requirements are subject to increasingly harsh budget constraints, regulatory changes, demands from their members and beneficiaries.

In this context, KADRIS supports small and large organizations with proven methods in other industries … while still positioning its recommendations and assistance in agreement with your values.

Examples of Missions We Conducted

  • For an association to conduct studies or projects related to the employment of disabled workers: the audit process obligation to employ disabled workers;
  • For an association in support of employees from a company affected by an addiction: assistance in defining and implementing the strategic plan.

A few references


Franck Droin, Associate

Franck Droin+33 (0) 6 07 06 13 62

Emmanuel de Beauchesne, Associate

Emmanuel de Beauchesne+33 (0)6 76 48 51 20